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Lean Eagle: Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing Classes
with Steve Phillips - Instructor and Guide

Soar High, See it All, Survive

Lean Eagle has begun a series of one day classes designed to provide instruction on Lean Management - Thinking Lean and on Lean Manufacturing - Acting & Becoming Lean. Clients should expect students to learn and apply principles resulting in the Identification and Elimination of Waste.

We offer in-class instruction as well as on-site classes and guidance.


We Suggest at least 3 one day classes, time spaced - at least one week to one month apart and team based - teams of people with process knowledge working in groups of 4 per team. Each team will have a Captain & 3 Crew Members, up to 16 students or 4 teams per day.

On-site - "4 on the Floor" - 50% in class, 50% at the operation. Starts and ends according to client's normal operating schedule.

In-class - Choose between 3 time spaced classes, 3 1/2 hrs each, either in the morning from 8:30 a.m.until noon or in the afternoon class from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Plan to be assigned on-site homework between classes. 2nd Monday of each month at Fowler Associates, Moore, SC


Typical students - leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders and operators. Can also include support personnel, people from other divisions, suppliers, customers or anyone interested in Lean.

Learn Lean principles, learn how to build Lean Structures to support Lean principles. Hands on exercises & hands on build.

Students Per Seminar
Each interested company may send 5 to 16 participants.

Lean Eagle , Moore, South Carolina or at your location

Contact Steve Phillips - 864-574-6415, or Email:

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Biographical Information -
Steve Phillips - Trainer & Guide:

Retired GM Engineering Group Manager / Dean of GMU's College of Manufacturing / GM's Quality Network Synchronous Knowledge Center / GM's NAO Productivity Lab. Steve has been training and implementing Lean since 1977. Also has over 20 years of experience designing and building workstations, flow racks, carts and operator assists using pipe and bolt together connector systems.