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ESD Control Programs

Fowler Associates offers total ESD Program Set-up and operation services. Call us to discuss a total program approach to your company's ESD needs.  We will send in a  program expert. "It is more important to know where you're losing money than to know where you're making it." Peter F. Drucker

The detrimental effects that ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) has on sensitive electronic devices are well documented. Losses due to ESD include reduced yields, diminished product reliability, and customer dissatisfaction -- all directly impacting the bottom line.

The perceptive company has a unique opportunity to reduce those losses and substantially increase bottom line profits. Clearly, a properly defined, constructed, and maintained static control program can be very profitable.

Unfortunately for many affected companies, ESD Control and Static Prevention programs are rarely implemented effectively. Instead, the "task" of ESD Control responsibility is typically delegated to an individual who is already wearing many hats within the operations environment.

Without proper training, guidance, technical direction, and lacking a structured program or implementation plan, the individual quickly becomes inundated with conflicting information and cannot make informed decisions. The results range from improper, inappropriate, or incompatible material selection, and unnecessary or needless expense, to non-conforming products and overkill.

The Solution? A Systematic Approach to your ESD Control Program!

Whether you are creating your first or strengthening an existing program, we can help. We will work directly with your staff, providing instruction and mentoring, to establish a structured, cost effective, proactive program based on your company's unique requirements and operating style. These may include:

· An effective Management and Implementation plan based on the Twelve Critical Factors

· Mentoring, instructing, and providing relevant technical training as required to the assigned process "owner," focal point, or ESD Coordinator position

· Creating the necessary documentation for a structured and repeatable program

· Implementing or dovetailing the ESD function into an existing auditing program, including ISO linkage

· Using industry standards, testing requirements, performance evaluation, and data interpretation

· Creating purchasing guidelines, finding "hidden" costs, and creating supplier partnerships

· Providing training for measurable results, including A.P.E. and Daily 10 Step training

· Packaging considerations, selection, and design

· Economic and throughput analysis, benefits, and R.O.I. Studies

Losses from static damage and warranty costs are not inevitable. Our industry expertise in the area of static control can help your organization take control and achieve its profitability plan. Let us know how we may be of assistance to you. We've got answers to your questions.