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ESD Lab and Consulting Services

Fowler Associates in and from its labs at Moore, South Carolina performs most tests and design functions required for the ESD control and electronics industries.




We perform:

  • Surface Resistivity (Resistance)

  • Volume Resistivity (Resistance)

  • Static Decay

  • Static Shielding

  • Triboelectric Generation

  • rf Shielding

  • Dielectric Strength

  • Dielectric Constant & Dielectric Tangent

  • High Voltage Testing

  • Corrosion

  • Polycarbonate Compatibility

  • Moisture Barrier

  • Specialized Application Specific Electrostatic Testing

  • Integrated Circuit Sensitivty Testing for Packaging

  • ESD Package Design

  • ESD Flooring Design

  • ESD Garment Design

  • ESD Worksurface Design

  • ESD Shoe Design

  • ESD Glove Design

  • ESD Control Equipment Design

Resume's of ESD Experts

Steve Fowler - ESD, Radiation Processing, Radiation Safety,  Packaging

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