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Jack P. Honore´ III

ESD and Quality Assurance Expert

10 Dunbar Drive West
Windsor, N.J. 08550
Tel: 609-799-2059



  • Lead and manage cross Lucent Technologies quality initiative

  • End-to-end reliability analysis of Lucent and external supplier products

  • ESD robustness assessment of Lucent Technologies designs and the manufacturing processes of Lucent and External Manufacturing Services (EMS).

  • Create and implement reliability analysis of polymer thick film material.

  • Design of new reliability testing technique for improving product quality.

  • Generate, maintain, and administer Lucent Technologies’ corporate ESD website


  • Co–chair of Lucent Technologies Global ESD Leadership Team. The mission of this group is to share and resolve issues impacting Lucent Technologies product quality globally. Face-to-face meetings are held twice a year. Total membership of this group is approximately 120.

  • Led team to improve quality and reliability of Lucent Technologies Consumer Products cordless product suite. Effort focused on areas of ESD and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) design mitigation techniques.

  • Developed and currently chair the Lucent External Manufacturing Services ESD Task Group. This is a cross-functional Lucent team with members from network switching, optical network group, wireless and R&D business units. The mission of this team is to conduct on-site audits to baseline and improve the ESD programs of Lucent Technologies’ EMS providers. In many cases Corrective Action Requests are generated with subsequent closure by negotiations between Lucent Technologies and the EMS provider.

  • Chair of the Logistics Sub-Committee for the EOS/ESD Symposium 1998 and 1999.

  • Conducted corporate ESD training for Lucent and EMS employees in the United States and Europe. This training involved senior Lucent Technologies employees as well as preferred Lucent Technologies customer representatives.

  • Responsibilities for end-to-end reliability includes environmental and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing, customer requirement analysis and development of root-cause analysis and corrective action process.

  • Robustness assessment requiring the development of specifications, training of personnel and proactive implementation of corrective action processes.

  • Member of the Advance Products and Device team responsible for developing and conducting effort to determine environmental effects on RF modules and circuit board materials employed in cellular applications.

  • Developed reliability plan for conductive polymer thick film material for use in Smart Cards. Determined critical test parameters, conducted appropriate tests and presented results. Feasibility demonstration of a contact-less, polymer thick film Smart Card product lead to a patent being issued.

  • Initiated a joint Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) research program with Sandia National Laboratory investigating Reliability without Hermeticity (RwoH).

  • Developed and managed the use of HAST as a reliability tool. The goal of this multi-business unit program was to demonstrate feasibility of using HAST as a tool to reduce test time of ceramic hybrid integrated circuits.

  • Improved quality of surface mount ceramic chip capacitors employed in under-sea repeaters. Previous undetected defects were uncovered, effort lead to improving Lucent Technologies bottom-line.

  • Designed and executed stress experiments to improve product quality of high volume cordless phone product line. Data analysis revealed significant stress in ceramic components. This discovery led to the elimination of the root cause problem resulting in significant cost avoidance to Lucent Technologies.

  • Contributing author, ESD Program Management – A Realistic Approach to Continuous Measurable Static Control, ISBN 0-412-13671-6.

  • Member of the research team that identified and eliminated the catastrophic failure mechanism of high voltage transformers in television receivers.

  • Designed and conducted reliability studies of novel thick film inks and their application to ceramic/steel core substrates.

  • Conducted surface mount solder joint reliability research

Employment History

  • 1998 – July, 2001: Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories, Supply Chain Networks: Member of the Technical Staff, Product Reliability Group

  • 1986 – 1998: AT&T, Bell Laboratories, Member of the Technical Staff – 1, Quality, Test and Reliability Group

  • 1978 – 1986: RCA – David Sarnoff Research Center, Associate Member of the Technical Staff


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering – Electro-Physics, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1992.

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering – Systems, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1987.


  • Recipient of the AT&T Engineering and Science Fellowship

  • Recipient of the Lucent Global Manufacturing and Engineering Technical Excellence Award for implementation of cost reduction processes for the Cordless Product Division.

  • Received Lucent Team Award for the successful implementation and introduction of the Laser Terminal Product Family.

  • Recipient of AT&T Exceptional Contribution awards.

  • Recipient of AT&T Individual Performance awards.

  • Recipient of Drexel’s Sophomore Scholastic Achievement award.

  • Received "Teams Achieving High Performance" award from the Lucent Quality and Customer Satisfaction Organization


  • U. S. Patent # 5,272,596 issued 12/21/1993, "Personal Data Card Fabrication from a Polymer Thick-Film Circuit."

  • Patent pending, "Improved ESD Footwear Grounding System."


  • List of publications will be furnished upon request.


  • References will be furnished upon request.

Other Activities

  • Coach for the U14 West Windsor boys travel soccer team.

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